Video - What was your first computer?

This goes out to all the geeks out there

A guy had a floppy disk out in public one time, and some kid said: "hey, cool you 3D-printed a save icon!" For a little bit older geeks, Computerphile YouTube channel asked guests and regular contributors about their first computer. Featuring Professor Uwe Aickelin, Professor Ross Anderson, Spencer Lamb, Tom Scott, Horia Maior, Dr Sean Holden, Brian Kernighan, Olly Chick, David Domminney Fowler, Dr Ramsey Faragher, Dr Michel Valstar, Jeremy Thackray, Dr Andrew Herbert, Matt Ramirez, Rob Miles, Professor Steve Furber, Dr Mark Wilkinson, Dr Max Wilson, Jason Fitzpatrick, James Fowkes, Professor Tony Pridmore, Jem Davies, Heidi Howard, Dr Steve 'Heartbleed' Bagley, Professor David 'DFB' Brailsford, Dr Richard Mortier. This goes out to all the geeks out there :)