Video - How to colonize the Galaxy and easily make money on the Internet

The New Galactic British Empire and the milk problem

All right, scratch "and easily make money on the Internet". That is just a bait for one of the most searched keywords around, you know. Too bad we have nothing for that. This is just about something much more easier, i.e. "How to Colonize the Galaxy". By the way, what did Orion say to the Big Dipper? A: Nothing. They're constellations and therefore incapable of conversation. Fool. Well, you could reply to that that the Big Dipper is not a constellation, is *part* of a constellation (the Ursa Major.) It's a so called "asterism". Boy, things you learn on the Internet these days. But this is NOT what this interstellar video by Exurb1a is about. This pangalactic video is about The New Galactic British Empire. Or, how to colonize the galaxy. Our galaxy. Yes, the Milky Way. Because the real problem is always the milk.