Self-driving cars in weeks, asteroid mining and the ISS to a commercial owner

Uber told their self-driving cars will begin operation in just a few weeks

Asteroid mining and the first private mission to an asteroid
Deep Space Industries is developing a small 110-pound vehicle designed to travel to and then land on a near-Earth asteroid, and has recently announced their plans to conduct the first private mission to an asteroid. When? Before the end of the decade! Deep Space Industries plans to launch future spacecraft that will eventually extract water and minerals from asteroids. The company will be guaranteed rights to what it gathers in space, thanks to the recently passed US Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act.
Uber's first self-driving cars operating in just a few weeks
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, in a surprise announcement, told that their self-driving cars will begin operation in just a few weeks. The cars will be modified Volvo XC90 SUVs, and will still have drivers supervising the rides, for now. Kalanick also stated that Uber has acquired Otto, a company working on autonomous big-rig trucks founded by two former Google employees.
The International Space Station handled to a commercial owner by mid 2020s?
NASA recently revealed that their hope is to hand off control of the International Space Station to a commercial owner by mid 2020s. NASA didn't specify any buyer who could potentially assume control of the ISS. The two major commercial entities currently involved with the ISS are Boeing and SpaceX, both of which are set to start shuttling personnel to the station in 2017.
The ISS Manual at
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