What showrooming is, 698 computer languages and PoWiFi

PoWiFi is one of the best technological innovations happened this year

What is Showrooming?
Showrooming is the act of going into a brick and mortar store to examine a product in person, but then purchasing the product online instead of in the store, usually to snag a better deal.
Computer programming would be the third most diverse languages, if it ever became a spoken language
Currently, there are a total of 698 computer languages. That is a lot of languages to be learned and we honestly do not recommend you to try them all. However, which languages top that of computer programming? Indonesia has over 700 indigenous languages, with Papua New Guinea being on the top of the list with 836 languages spoken, making it the number one country when it comes to linguistic diversity.
One of the best technological innovations happened this year
The Power Over WiFi (PoWiFi) system is being hailed as one of the best technological innovations happened this year. PoWiFi uses a WiFi router and its WiFi signals to power the devices. According to the team of engineers at the University of Washington, who is behind the PoWiFi, for the first time it's possible to use WiFi devices to power the sensors and other devices. Right now PoWiFi generates small amounts of power. However, the team believes that PoWiFi could be developed further and made more efficient.