Best computer programmers, SETI and tourists breaks

Which country has the best computer programmers?

Which country has the best computer programmers?
A free coding practice website (HackerRank), has recently published a new report showing which countries have the best programmers and developers, ranking more than 1.5 million developers. Here's the result:
1) China
2) Russia
3) Poland
4) Switzerland
5) Hungary
6) Japan
7) Taiwan
8) France
9) Czech Republic
10) Italy
Was that a SETI signal?
HD 164595 is a solar system a few billion years older than the Sun, and now a possible candidate for intelligent inhabitants, thanks to an unusual signal apparently coming from the direction of HD 164595. Consequently, the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) was swung in the direction of HD 164595 beginning on the evening of August 28. It has so far not found any signal anywhere in the very large patch of sky covered by the ATA, however thay have not yet covered the full range of frequencies in which the signal could be located.
For thinner crowds, visit at lunch or dinner time
Take advantage of lunchtime or dinner time for thinner crowds. Most tourists break for lunch between 12pm and 2pm: if you visit popular sites during that time, crowds are likely to be smaller. If the site you're visiting is too large to make it in those two hours, go for the most popular part during the lunch break. And the same idea applies to dinner time too: most outdoor sites are also open in the evening. Visit while most tourists are busy eating dinner :-)