Video - David Brin's Existence official book-trailer and talk at Google

A fascinating picture of a possible tomorrow. Is survival in the cold universe even possible?

David Brin is among the foremost respected sci-fi authors. In his 2012 novel "Existence" he explores a society shaped by ubiquitous surveillance - a scenario he already imagined in "The Transparent Society" - and where social media groups also play an important role. "Existence" has been his first novel after ten years of absence. The book follows multiple plots, in a world where AIs have become everyday tools, and virtual and augmented reality is constantly projected on top of the physical world, and viewable through glasses and implants. The Internet has so evolved in the "Mesh", a collection of hundreds of VR info-levels. But here's the official book-trailer - a 3-minute preview offering glimpses and scenes from the novel - in the very first part of Brin's "Talks at Google" video - also recommended! Gerald Livingston is an orbital garbage collector. For a hundred years, people have been abandoning things in space, and someone has to clean it up. But there's something spinning a little bit higher than he expects, something that isn't on the decades' old orbital maps. An hour after he grabs it and brings it in, rumors fill Earth's infomesh about an "alien artifact."