Video - New video from NASA shows the dark side of the Moon

It was mainly made possible by the data gathered by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, launched from Kennedy Space Center

NASA recently released a video with a detailed view from the Moon's hidden side, the side that can't be seen from the Earth - as the Moon always presents the same face to the Earth. It's actually a computer simulation making clear that the dark side of the Moon goes through the same cycles that we see on Earth, only in reverse. For example, when we see a full moon from Earth, the far side is in the new moon phase. The animation also shows craters of all sizes over the entire hidden side. This extremely detailed video was mainly made possible thanks to the data gathered by the "Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter", launched in June 2009 from Kennedy Space Center, in Florida. The Orbiter has returned since then hundreds of terabytes of data.
Also, the video is public domain and can be downloaded at: