Apple Project Titan self-driving car

According to various sources, Apple will have their first autonomous electric car within five years

According to various sources, Apple is working on a self-driving car codenamed "Project Titan." At the moment there are no concrete details, but it seems that Apple will have their first self-driving/semi-autonomous electric car within five years. Apple has actually been recruiting various staff from A123 Systems and Tesla Motors in the past few months. A123 Systems is an electric car battery maker, and their batteries are currently being used by hybrid cars such as the BMW ActiveHybrid. Tesla Motors is the well-known electric car manufacturer. CNN Money stated that A123 Systems has filed a lawsuit against Apple, because Apple poached so many of their employees. On the location side, Project Titan is rumored to be based just outside of Apple's Cupertino offices, out of a secondary outpost.
A few car company executives were asked about their thoughts on Apple's self-driving electric car. Audi President Scott Keogh said: "I take it seriously. Even if it doesn't manifest itself in reality, I think we'd be naive not to. [...] At this disruptive time, I think the industry needs to be fully engaged." BMW President and CEO Ludwig Willisch commented: "We take competition very seriously. We also look at the latest trends and try to get out ahead of upcoming trends to figure out what the consumers are looking for."