Peer-to-peer solar sharing? Yes please!

With peer-to-peer solar sharing you can subscribe to someone else's solar panels

Want to use solar power at home? Now you don't even need to have your own solar panels on your house rooftop! A US-born peer-to-peer solar sharing system offers everyone the possibility to buy solar power from their neighbors: Yeloha Rooftop now allows peer-to-peer solar sharing, allowing you to "subscribe" to solar panels installed on someone else's roof. Roof owners can register as "Sun Hosts". Installation of solar panels is free, in return for sharing access to a portion of the solar energy they generate. On the other hand, residents who can't or don't wish to install panels can become "Sun Partners", and purchase the solar energy from Hosts.
Boston-based Yeloha Inc. recently raised $3.5 million in Series A funding to launch their solar sharing network. The funding was led by Israeli venture firm Carmel Ventures, through an investment in Yeloha's parent company, Generaytor. Yeloha is currently available across Massachusetts by invitation only, but the company said it intends to expand across the U.S.