Video - Teleport to Delhi, India, to get a glimpse of the future soon to come

An interesting lecture held in the recent past by David Orban, on a lot of interesting things soon to come

Teleport with us to Delhi, India, and while you're at it also travel a bit back in time till March 9, 2015. You'll be able to witness an interesting lecture held in the recent past by David Orban, on a lot of interesting things soon to come. Or that maybe are already here, only "not very evenly distributed". In a William Gibson's way.
Well, you can always watch the video below as an option, if you don't really feel like teleporting today. And if that is your concern, we can guarantee to you that no feline pet will show up in the video. Yes, we watched it all just to be sure. "The orders of magnitude of smart objects around us are increasing and will quickly exceed what humans can and should manage. Becoming autonomous, designing the Internet of Things, these nodes of a new network of networks will make millions of decisions daily that will fundamentally impact the lives of individuals globally. The decisions of these actions must be based on moral reasoning, and we have to take on the challenge of creating a science of morality and an engineering of morality to be ready to incorporate them in these new generations of autonomous machines." David Orban is currently Chief Executive Officer of Dotsub, a US-based technology platform and services company. Orban was a founder and previously Chief Evangelist of WideTag, Inc., the OpenSpime technology company, providing the infrastructure for an open Internet of Things. Together with Tim O'Reilly, Lawrence Lessig, and others, Orban is one of the founders of the Open Government Working Group, which developed a set of principles of open government data in December 2007. He is also an Advisor and member of the Faculty of the Singularity University, the founder and director of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence Europe, and former Chairman, and a Director of Humanity+. He studied physics at the University of Padua, Italy and University of Milan, Italy.