Directly delivering to your car trunk

Amazon is testing a new delivery service in which couriers leave packages in the trunks of Internet-connected cars

A new program by Amazon, car maker Audi and shipping company DHL would allow drivers to have Amazon packages delivered to their car trunks. A small group of Amazon Prime subscribers in Munich, Germany, with Internet-connected Audis and participating in a test, agreed to give DHL couriers electronic access to their trunks. After set the approximate location of their car in a specific window of time, the couriers were able to leave the packages inside the trunks. The delivery driver was in fact given a temporary, one-time keyless entry to the boot only of the car. Access was then automatically removed when the boot was shut.
Volvo demonstrated a similar technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2014, delivering food to car boots, but no commercial service was ever launched. Amazon said they hope to roll the service out internationally after the experiment in Germany, that is currently under way.