Video - Five totally awesome food innovations

Because sooner or later everyone needs a double-decker keyboard keeper

Yes! We desperately need these five totally awesome food innovations... and these are also FREE IDEAS that they're giving away like that! We'll most definitely see some new startup coming out of this! Ok, maybe we won't. 1) Sriracha Syringe 2) Freezie Cheeze 3) Edible Sewing Thread 4) Burrito Diaper 5) Double-Decker Keyboard Keeper A guy commented: "We also need to invent a butter stick, it looks like a glue stick but contains butter in it, that way you can easily butter your toast or bagel wherever you are :D" Well, something like that actually exists: have a look here:
Butter Stick at Amazon US
Butter Stick at Amazon UK
You're welcome :)