Video - And so Prince pulled his catalog from Apple Music

He's gone from Apple Music, Spotify's major competitor in streaming that launched four days ago

And so Prince pulled his entire catalog from Apple Music. Gone! Well, you can still find him on Tidal and Google Play. For now? Taylor Swift also recently wrote a letter to Apple Music, saying she was unhappy with the three-month free trial offered to subscribers. However Prince Rogers Nelson - aka Jamie Starr, aka Christopher, aka Alexander Nevermind, aka The Purple One, aka Joey Coco, aka The artist formerly known as Prince :-O - pulled away from the brand new "Apple Music," Spotify's major competitor in streaming that launched four days ago. Spotify counts around 20 million users by the way. Again, should you say "for now...?" And what about Spotify on an iPhone? Not so likely. Some say that Apple Music will make Spotify totally irrelevant in just a few months. But let's see what iJustine thinks of the new Apple Music ... ... and then another video on the same subject by CollegeHumor ... from a quite different angle :-)