Audiobook - A nice people-block freeware courtesy of Anonymous Cape

Violation of the TrueNet Security Act by Taiyo Fuji is a free audiobook novel to download now!

Download for free "Violation of the TrueNet Security Act", by Taiyo Fuji. It's a free podcasted audiobook novel brought to you by Lightspeed Magazine, and it's some sci-fi awesomeness! Here's an excerpt from the novel that we really liked, with such an interesting idea in it! Someone should really put together something like the Anonymous Cape people-block freeware :-) "The city of fifty million was out there, waiting silently as I left the service entrance. The augmented reality projected by my contact lenses showed crowds of featureless gray avatars shuffling by. The cars on the streets were blank too; no telling what makes and models they were. Signs and billboards were blacked out except for the bare minimum needed to navigate. All this and more, courtesy of Anonymous Cape, freeware from the group of the same name, the guys who went on as if the Lockout had never happened. Anyone plugged into AR would see me as gray and faceless too."
Tokyo streets at night. Public transport within Greater Tokyo is dominated by the world's most extensive urban rail network.
"To other people, I'm gray, faceless Mr. Nobody. It's a trade-off - they can't see me, and I can't see their pathetic attempts to look special. It's fair enough, and if people don't like it, tough. I don't need to see ads for junk that some designer thinks is original, and I don't have to watch people struggling to stand out and look different." You can download the audiobook or read the novel at this address.