Turning your home's walls into screens

An innovative Google projection system able to display images on a wall that would work like e-ink

It seems that Google is working on an innovative projection system able to display images on a wall, according to a patent awarded to Google on April 21. A standard wall could in fact be turned into a digital display device, using photo-reactive paint. The projector would emit a beam of light or a laser: when the light or laser hits the wall, the photo-reactive paint would change into a "theme," according to Google's patent - something similar to a screen saver or desktop wallpaper. The wall itself would work like "e-ink," and the theme would stay on the wall until a new image is projected, like scores and images from sports matches, scenes of the outdoors or just still images.
Roger Waters, the creative force behind Pink Floyd's legendary album "The Wall," performing in front of the Wall during the guitar solo to "Comfortably Numb". I'd like to do that in my bedroom :-)
The technology would be controlled by a computer or smartphone, and would be able to update images frequently enough to support video.