Video - The Zipf and Pareto mysteries

There is something pretty mysterious about how often people use words, in any language

Thank you for sending me the "Zipf and Pareto mysteries" video. I totally get it.
The American linguist George Kingsley Zipf noticed, back in in 1949, something pretty mysterious about how often people use words in any given language. He found that a small number of words are used all the time, while the vast majority are used very rarely. And if you rank the words in order of popularity, a striking pattern emerges. The most ranked word is always used twice as often as the second ranked word, three times as often as the third ranked word, and so on. Apparently, the French stenographer Jean-Baptiste Estoup had also spotted this strange pattern before Zipf. Vsauce (Michael Stevens) also talks in this video about the Pareto Principle, the Principle of Least Effort, Hapax Legomena, the Learning curve and the Forgetting Curve as well, and... well, you'll find out. Someone said that finding a Vsauce video in your subscriptions feels like finding 20 bucks on the street :-)