Video - The State of California avocado conspiracy

Jenna's thoughts on avocados. What is your level of avocado-ness?

Yes citizen, you should care more for your dietary destiny ...
What is this video? Uh, nothing, just some of Jenna's thoughts on avocados... and I'm telling you, she's really mad about the whole avocado conspiracy! Yes, of course, the State of California avocado brainwashing conspiracy! How can you not know about that?! Try ordering some food in Los Angeles. At a restaurant. Done? Good. Now you know what this is all about. Avocado doesn't leave you a choice! Btw, I'm perfectly ok with that. Omg I so much looove avocado and guacamole!!! But I guess my level of avocado-ness is much higher than Jenna's... or maybe I don't care so much for my dietary destiny... but I can get her point. Wtf am I talking about?! Just watch the video below :-)