Video - Why you're cutting your cakes wrong

Forget wedges, and learn the scientific way to cut your cakes :-)

If you're cutting your cake in wedges, you're not maximizing the amount of gastronomic pleasure that you can make from it :-) The right way to do that? In parallel lines. In fact, if you take a wedge out of a cake, the edges of the cake open to the air will be 'dry and horrible', British mathematician Alex Bellos explains in the video below. By cutting a cake in parallel lines and pushing together the remaining uneaten pieces, no surfaces will be exposed to the air for a prolonged period of time. The method is actually a 100-year-old trick: in a 1906 edition of the journal Nature, mathematician Francis Galton explained the optimal, scientific way to cut a cake to ensure it doesn't dry out, proposing a series of straight cuts across the entire cake. *OR* (preferred method) you can just eat the cake all in one go. Then it really doesn't matter how you do it :-)