Video - Literally, World Makers!

A physical geographer from Holland makes beautiful virtual environments

A physical geographer from Holland who has never been to Yosemite makes photo-realistic virtual environments, many modeled after the world's most impressive natural wonders, and subsequently brings fellow Second Life residents to tears? You better believe it: Sominel Edelman has perfected a laborious process of making gigantic landscapes, from tropical island to a Grand Canyon replica, from a vast digital moon to looming snow-capped mountains. And there's more: Sominel's tireless focus to push his craft above the limits of what is possible in virtual worlds today has made his dream job into his day job. Perhaps someday he will take a trip to Yosemite National Park after all? No Oculus Rift necessary there we are told, only pure presence :) And the resolution is a-ma-zinggg!