A new, advanced Aroma Diffuser for Essential Oil Aromatherapy

A superb Aromatic Diffuser, for a whole new level of calm in your home


30-days money back and one year warranty for this superb aroma diffuser AND humidifier. • Find out more or buy it at Amazon! » Relieve the stress and improve your mood with the TEO aroma diffuser and humidifier: a stylish piece of furniture, specially designed in Belgium with a real beech wood base (FSC certified) and handmade ceramic cover for smooth and friendly daily and sleep use. This advanced aromatic diffuser is also good against pet and smoking odors, allergies, and cold flu germs. All with a silent fan and a natural design. 1h 2h 3h timer and lasting up to 12 hours in intermittent mode thanks to its 110ml water tank, or 6 hours in fully on mode with autostop when no more water. And it can cover up to a 250 square ft surface thanks to its ultrasonic chip, without open flame and by using plain tap water. Enjoy a relaxing and peaceful lighting experience with its breathing/meditation light (light can fade gradually up and down.) The warm yellow LED can be fixed or turned off. Perfect for spa and massage rooms! The TEO aroma diffuser and humidifier also adds moisture and improves your air quality. And the extra long 72 inch transformer cord allows you to install it almost everywhere in your home. Mood Light: TEO aroma diffuser sports a new "breathing" warm LED light in order to increase your relaxing experience. You can choose 3 light modes: fully on, meditation mode or off. • Sleep Mode: You can use TEO in sleep mode with LED lights OFF. TEO will also turn off automatically after up to 12h. • Resistant to the most aggressive oils, like citrus and eucalyptus, thanks to its special resistant PC plastic used for the reservoir. To start just open the cap, fill it with water and 5-10 drops of pure essential oils and press the mist button! This is currently one of Amazon's Best Sellers! • Find out more or buy it at Amazon! »