Video - Never play Genocide Bingo with the big AIs

Artificial Intelligences are so tricky, damn!

No, you should never never EVER play Genocide Bingo with an Artificial Intelligence bigger than you. That is, any AI. Because killing - to an AI - is not a morality thing: it's a equation. And depending on that equation, human life might have little to no value. So? Check out "The Bridge to Lucy Dunne" by the author of the video: Exurb1a! The Bridge to Lucy Dunne at Amazon US » The Bridge to Lucy Dunne at Amazon UK » The Bridge to Lucy Dunne :: A mad astronaut ejects a starship's sleeping crew into deep space. A playwright conjures her perfect lover into existence. Three time travelers appear to a motorbike mechanic, drink a little tea, and ruin his life. Mankind discovers the secrets of traveling to the stars, and promptly forgets them again.